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After personnel costs, real estate expenses rank as the second highest costs of doing business.
Even before the COVID crisis, there was a gradual shift to a more distributed workforce, supported by a variety of technology platforms.

To help lower operating costs and to attract top level employees, businesses have explored how to lower investment in office-based operations. Solutions such as relocating to lower cost geographies with relocation incentives, generally reducing operations footprint, hoteling and remote options have helped accomplish significant reductions in operational expense. Still searching for savings, implementing virtual workforces supported by workflow efficiency tools has become prevalent. The speed of adoption has escalated rapidly in the past months driven by the stay-at-home mandates.

While workforce transformations produce many benefits beyond real estate savings, there are always unintended or unforeseen consequences of rapid changes. Workflows involving critical and protected data have been distributed outside the normal firewalls and cyber risks increased dramatically. Security is often an afterthought and enterprise risks rise as new and disparate methods of operations evolve.

The KF Group understands enterprise risks and developed a collaborative partnership with Advanced Network Solutions to help customers understand IT security as it relates to their businesses.


Integrating IT security professionals in the strategic planning, design and implementation of business processes can address vulnerabilities and incorporate appropriate tools to prevent or mitigate cyber risks.


Cyber security is complex and evolving. Outsourced solutions, like those provided by Advanced Network Solutions or The KF Group, are efficient responses for middle market growth businesses. If you have a distributed workforce and are using cloud services and emerging workflow platforms, you need to seek an assessment and understanding of the attendant risks. It is extremely important that your business information is safe, no matter where it or your team may be located.

Advanced Network Solutions offers free security and infrastructure assessments. Simply click here for more information.



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