Advanced Service

No Worries

Managed Services takes the hassle, worry and unpredictability out of maintaining and securing your valuable and necessary IT infrastructure. You will be freed up to focus on what’s most important – your organization, your people, your operations and your business strategy. Our team of experts will work with you to build a technology plan that’s aligned with your business as well as manage the day-to-day functional IT operations.

Customized Solutions

Shifting the day-to-day administration and support allows your team to focus on the higher-value company initiatives. Utilizing Advanced Network Solutions as your managed or co-managed IT provider allows us to work alongside your team to assume, offload and supplement projects, day-to-day administration and support requests. With both internal and external teams working together, goals are achieved, employees are happier, and the business sees the benefits of IT as a competitive advantage.

With our collective experience, we work with your team to build a Technology Success Program that aligns your business goals to a technology roadmap. This means that when you have technical trouble of any sort, we will match the best person to solve the specific problem you are facing.

Rather than expecting a single internal employee to have knowledge of a wide variety of technology issues, you will have access to Advanced Network Solutions’ full team of professional IT staff, each with deep experience and certifications that allow them to resolve issues quickly, design and implement solutions, and get in front of issues before they occur.


Take the complexity out of IT management, streamline operations and align technology with your strategic plan to run your business more efficiently. Your organization’s success is our goal. Advanced Network Solutions is a leading provider of all-inclusive Managed Services to cover all your IT needs.

Your entire team needs efficient and attentive IT support personnel readily available to proactively take care of their technology resources, resolve current needs, and work with you to plan for future IT needs.

Efficiently minimize reactive support and proactively manage your infrastructure. In exchange for a fixed monthly fee, outsourcing support helps improve operations while reducing your overall expense.


If you already have an internal IT team, we can augment your team, filling in coverage gaps and introducing additional industry knowledge and technical skills. With competing initiatives and limited resources, internal IT teams are often pulled in many directions. This results in focusing only on the noise and not moving the business forward. Most of their time is spent putting out fires rather than accomplishing business goals. Projects creep along with no end in sight. Maintenance tasks that keep networks running smoothly are moved down the priority lists. Budgets are affected by surprises. Employees and the IT team are frustrated, resulting in lowered morale.

Using a hybrid approach allow us to craft a customized solution that fits your operations and workflows. Every organization and IT department has unique skillsets, experience and approach. Advanced Network Solutions takes that into account during our assessment phase of every managed services engagement. Working alongside the internal IT team, we design a customized service delivery approach that caters to the needs of your business.

So, you will have the help you need, when you need it. In this arrangement, your organization maintains internal IT staff as needed, while outsourcing others to Advanced Network Solutions to provide the best of both worlds -- on-site employees to focus on day-to-day operations and workflow, and expert external resources to assist with everything else, from planning to security, to maintaining the network and business continuity.



Monitoring and support with full access to our escalation team of highly-experienced and accountable engineers

The latest in cybersecurity measures to improve data protection

Vulnerability assessments by trained engineers ensure business systems are secured per best-practices or regulatory requirements


Monitoring and support with full access to our escalation team of highly-experienced and accountable engineers

The latest in cybersecurity measures to improve data protection

Vulnerability assessments by trained engineers ensure business systems are secured per best-practices or regulatory requirements


On-site, high-touch consultation by our team of engineers to increase stakeholder and user efficiency

Troubleshooting of day-to-day technology issues

Workstation and laptop deployment and user equipment and application training


2000+ projects completed by our team of engineers

Specialization and experience in a broad range of IT environments

Weekly communication and reporting on project milestone progress


Highly customizable packages to fit your business needs for offsite storage

Boost productivity through mobile access and enhanced data freedom

Increase business continuity capabilities by reducing the reliance on on-site hardware


Best practice disaster recovery procedures and business continuity planning

Full access to our escalation team, ready to assist you in a moment’s notice

Multiple solutions and customizable plans to meet your recovery time objectives


Monitoring to ensure critical security, infrastructure resources and patching is accomplished on time.

Broad remote monitoring - utilization, server capacity. interface load, web services and Line of business applications

Refined monitoring rules based on business needs, notifications of thresholds provided to stakeholders with course of action

We pride ourselves on being Proactive

Keeping up with a dynamic IT environment takes a high level of expertise and experience. Tools can be purchased and implemented to maintain a network, but they require continuous tuning and adjustments. There must be oversight to ensure their effectiveness and confirm they are running as expected on an ongoing basis, along with a level of accountability to show they are working. The worst time to find out your backups are not running is right after a ransomware outbreak. The time to start discussing applying those security patches is not after a data breach.

To be able to accomplish the proactive maintenance tasks, Advanced Network Solutions utilizes best-in-class utilities and applications that result in a tightly integrated platform that provides accountability through alerting and reporting. If you want to know how your backups are running, that information will be readily accessible. Internal IT teams no longer have to be concerned with what happens if they need to restore a server. We have a seasoned team using solid technology to handle those critical administrative tasks. We have over a decade of experience running the back-office applications needed to automate, alert and deliver the things required to keep a network up and running.